Letter: Toilets are a basic human necessity

Re the article on funding for public lavatories:

I re-iterate that needing a loo is not a choice...as in ‘hmm shall I have an ice-cream?’.

It is a basic human necessity, human right if you prefer.

Scarborough already has no provision on Falsgrave and Ramshill (‘popular shopping areas’) although did previously.

This is scandalously discriminatory against many, including those with medical needs, the slow (unable to leg it to Sainsbury’s or the train station), and those trapped waiting for a bus.

One might ask why are there none, where is the money?

Ask yourself why the council is starved for cash, and think where the Government is spending oodles at the moment. Oodles that ought to be spent for the benefit of us, the multi-tax payers.

S Longden

Park Avenue


Tax-payers landed with further charges

Re brown bins:

Provide a service - then charge for it, using an excuse that not all properties have gardens. Not every resident uses the full range of council services provided but still pay the council tax. And how long will the tags stay on the bins when put out overnight for collection the next day?

Richard Thomas

North Lane