Letter: UK capable of handling itself

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Speaking as a long time Conservative, what an absolute disgrace PM David Cameron is.

Months ago he promised to get a better deal with Europe on the basis that we could withdraw from the Union if he didn’t get just that.

He did not achieve that at all but pretended somehow that he had. Then we were promised a referendum. He asked us to choose whether to stay in or come out. The result of this should then be passed back to him to implement our wish. So what is your plan for pulling out if we decide we want Out, Mr Cameron?

This isn’t an election where the winner forms a new government and implements the changes along with a new Prime Minister, but our current leader asking us to tell him what to do. If withdrawal is so serious and dreadful as he would now have us believe, why on earth did he give us a referendum?

The mess he now finds himself in hasn’t even started yet. Just imagine then, that the vote is Out. How will that get through Parliament with many varied MPs wanting to stay In.

A real constitutional crisis lying in wait there. Either way it is the end of the road for Cameron.

But the many threats from all around are unbelievable. A German minister now says we will have trouble getting new deals. We are the fifth largest world economy and second in Europe.

Switzerland is 20th and Norway 26th. How on earth do we compare their trade deals with what we can get?

There will be a massive hole in the EU economy if we pull out and we buy more from them than they do from us! We can dictate our terms without fail on this one or do they want commercial suicide on top of all the other Euro problems.

Our trade will still continue with Europe but will flourish with the rest of the world. The fluctuations on the stock market and exchange rates have been there for years. They say that there will be worldwide fluctuations on markets etc. To me that just shows how important we are.

Our GCHQ is the envy of the world but we will still talk security with everyone but take full control of our borders without any outsided dictats from anyone at all.

We will decide who comes in and bona fide entrants or visitors will be welcome. I want my country back with our own laws and sovereignty, elected representatives accountable to us and not faceless European Commissioners.

The finances of the EU is a whole other disgrace before you even consider the problems that Greece or even Italy have. It is totally unfortunate for them that they are currently facing the brunt of the immigrant invasion on top of all their own problems.

But that is all coming our way and the German people (and the French) and now on the brink of enough is enough.

So for me, it is Out as I believe that we are more than capable of handling our way in the world. Just look at the European panic now. Cameron didn’t convince them that we might come out (probably conveyed the opposite!) so no wonder he didn’t achieve anything worth talking about.

Malcolm Stephenson