Letter: Village blessed with bunting

I am writing to sincerely thank all those who 'took up the challenge' and knitted, made, bought or donated bunting for the recent Tour de Yorkshire.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 9:29 am
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 10:36 am
Thanks to all who helped with the bunting in East Ayton for the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.

It was a truly wonderful event, with lots of visitors to our village, making East Ayton one of “the” places to see the Tour de Yorkshire near its final stages.

While the bunting wasn’t shown on camera, those gathered along Seamer Road were! I’m grateful to Yorkshire Coast Radio for giving airtime in the beginning to request volunteer knitters.

The bunting will be kept safe in case it is needed again for another year, but I wish to make particular mention to the following people for donating bunting:

Alison - York; Jean and Janet - Scarborough; Mrs Hopper and Liz - Seamer; Alwyne, Sheila and Lorraine (and from myself) - East Ayton; J Robinson - Hutton Buscel; Susan - West Ayton; and three anonymous donations.

A special thank you to those who provided their own bunting or enhanced what our two volunteer hangers, Paul and Ian, so kindly erected.

The school took the trouble to create window decorations for the school which were wonderful; St John the Baptist Church held a “Bicycle” Drive on the Saturday and provided light refreshments of tea, coffee and cakes on the day itself.

And I’d also like to mention Walker’s Fish Restaurant for putting a great show of bunting in place and PJ Hair Design for being “models” prior to the big event.

You all did the village proud, thank you.

Tricia Colling,


East Ayton Parish Council