Letters: Transparency needed from council on our finances

The Futurist theatre 1923'“20? According to Scarborough Borough Council, the date for the death and subsequent burial of the Futurist is scheduled for the end of March '“ presumably so that it can be paid for in the next financial year, the present coffers being more or less empty.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 1:30 pm
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 1:55 pm
Futurist Theatre
Futurist Theatre

At the current guesstimate, the council says it has scheduled £4m in the budget for this year for the demolition.

It would appear that this original price only includes the actual demolition of the building for which the council has agreed to pay.

What about the cost of shoring up the rest of the cliff to stabilise it and also prevent further landfall by physically underpinning the other buildings in its vicinity. When are the taxpayers going to be told all of that detail?

These will be the same taxpayers that Cllr Bastiman, our council leader, says he is going to such pains to protect from unnecessary costs.

We also have a right to be given the precise financial details of all these major construction costs that we taxpayers are going to be funding.

‘Financial confidentiality’ is no longer an appropriate excuse.

A cost benefit analysis is the least information we have a right to be given.

Otherwise we will wonder what the council is hiding as well as how much the council says it is saving.

Many thanks to all for the warm support of the people of Scarborough; the active and financial help that is offered and gratefully accepted.

You will be happy to hear that thanks to the countrywide publicity and our own contacts and activities within the theatre world our cause is well known and should help us with fundraising too.

Patricia David

Save the Futurist

Filey Road