Library hosts ‘silent’ gig!

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A “SILENT” rock gig was staged in the middle of Scarborough Library with the audience listening through headphones.

The unusual concert was performed by local band Everyone An Army, who performed recently at the Stephen Joseph Theatre as part of Coastival with the University of York Jazz Orchestra.

They played their electronic instruments via a new silent rehearsal system called Jam Hub.

People were able to listen in through 10 pairs of special headphones, while other library users went about their business in the usual peace and quiet.

The event was organised by Scarborough Library and John Pattison who is a lecturer at The Underground Music Department, Yorkshire Coast College where Martin Hughes (guitar) and Iain Hunter (drums) study on the Performing Musician course.

Lee Simpson (bass) was also a student on the music course for two years on the Digital Musician course.

Mr Pattison said: “It was a great success and there was a lot of interest from younger people as well as the library’s older clientele.

“Everyone was smiling, which was lovely, and it was interesting to see how the library carried on as normal.

“It was an experiment really and the response was great. We’d definitely like to do it again.”