Life-saving defibrillator at Scarborough lighthouse has been stolen

Commodor Roger Buxton (left) and Vice Commodore Edd Peacock.
Commodor Roger Buxton (left) and Vice Commodore Edd Peacock.

Life-saving equipment at Scarborough’s lighthouse has been stolen.

The defibrillator unit on Vincent Pier had been purchased by Scarborough Yacht Club and the British Heart Foundation only six months earlier.

Clive Murray, Yacht Club President said: “Initially we thought that someone might have used it but then we checked with the ambulance service, the lifeboat station and the police and no-one received any reports so we can only assume that it’s been taken.

“When we bought it there were a lot of questions as to where it should go and initially we thought about fitting it in the clubhouse.

“We then chose not to do that because we didn’t want to slow down access to it so we asked permission to the council and the harbour authorities to mount it outside on a Grade II listed building.

“We were optimistic that even the lowest of society wouldn’t abuse it but probably we were a bit overoptimistic.”

While police investigate the theft, members of the Yacht Club hope the equipment will be returned.

“Let’s not lose all faith in humanity for the actions of a minority. I hope they will realise that what they took is potentially life-saving and will bring it back.”