Lifeboat celebration in Scarborough

Scarborough's new lifeboat arrives in South Bay
Scarborough's new lifeboat arrives in South Bay

Huge crowds greeted Scarborough's new lifeboat as it arrived in South Bay.

The new state-of-the-art Shannon class lifeboat sailed in at 1:15pm today.

Crowds watch the spectacle

Crowds watch the spectacle

The £2 million lifeboat has been funded by donations from the F W Plaxton Charitable Trust and will be named Frederick William Plaxton.

She arrived at 1:15pm to add a sense of occasion, as her operational boat number is 13.15.

An RNLI fundraising appeal raised £200,000 towards the cost of a bespoke launch and recovery vehicle for the new lifeboat.

The new lifeboat house includes a revamped shop and an exhibition space where those who visit can learn about the history of the lifesaving charity.

The vessel at sea

The vessel at sea

There are also upgraded volunteer crew facilities with extra space for lifesaving training and an up-to-date drying room for their kit.

RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, John Senior, said: "Naturally we’ll miss our current all-weather lifeboat Fanny Victoria Wilkinson and Frank Stubbs, but we’re also excited about receiving a Shannon, whose advanced technology means we’ll be able to reach people a lot more quickly and further off shore.

"The arrival of Scarborough’s Shannon class lifeboat and indeed the new lifeboat house opening has been much anticipated."

Scarborough RNLI’s Coxswain Tom Clark, added: "Our volunteer crew can’t wait to start their new chapter of lifesaving with the Shannon and we’ve really enjoyed our recent training ahead of her arrival.

"The state-of-the-art vessel is 50% faster than our current all-weather lifeboat and this will ensure that those in need are reached even more quickly than before."

The new lifeboat will be named during an official ceremony early next Spring.