Light Up a Life service remembers loved ones

Wendy Slater will be part of St Catherine's Light Up a Life Appeal.
Wendy Slater will be part of St Catherine's Light Up a Life Appeal.

A new light will be lit on the Saint Catherine’s hospice Christmas tree this year as a tradition begins for one Scarborough family.

The date of this year’s Light up a Life service falls on a day of happy childhood memories for the family of Margaret Slater.

Margaret always trimmed the family Christmas tree for her children on 10 December, the day of daughter Lynsey’s birthday.

But next Thursday (10 December), a new light be lit on Saint Catherine’s Christmas tree to honour the life of Margaret, who died in the hospice in January.

Margaret only spent five hours in the hospice but her family say that the effect on all of them was immense.

Now they are urging others to join them in supporting Saint Catherine’s Light up a Life appeal so that the hospice can be there to help more families who will need its support in the future.

Daughter Wendy Slater said they had no idea the hospice could help families like theirs when her mum, who had multiple sclerosis, developed pneumonia.

“She was peaceful and calm,” Wendy said. “All she had wanted to do was go home and it felt like home to us and to Mum. You could see into the garden, hear the birds singing, it was serenity at its highest. She so loved her garden and her family.

“It just made it so much more bearable to know she wasn’t frightened. In the end, she just slipped away.”

Saint Catherine’s Light up a Life services are now underway across the area. The outdoor service at the hospice in Throxenby Lane is next Thursday at 6pm.

There is still time to donate to the hospice appeal.

Visit or call call 01723 378406.