Lindy picks up MBE at palace

A Scarborough woman who was presented with an MBE at Buckingham Palace said the experience was “more than she could have ever expected”.

Lindy Rowley, who received the award in honour of her community work over the past 37 years, was thrilled to attend the event with her husband Tom, daughter Joanne, and son Tom.

132030a'Lindy Rowley with her MBE,presented to her by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.'Picture by Neil Silk'17/05/13

132030a'Lindy Rowley with her MBE,presented to her by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.'Picture by Neil Silk'17/05/13

The community stalwart is a familiar face at Scarborough’s Maritime Heritage Centre and Castle Community Office.

She has raised money for various causes, including Cystic Fibrosis and the Sea Cadets, and was chairwoman of the local Samaritans.

Lindy was among 91 recipients at Buckingham Palace, who received their awards - including MBEs, two knighthoods and a Military Cross, from Prince Charles.

Others being honoured during the ceremony were Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds and cyclist Sarah Storey, along with Tae Kwon Do star Jade Jones.

Lindy said: “It was wonderful. The palace itself was absolutely fantastic - full of ornate ceilings, beautiful artwork and amazing chandeliers.”

She explained that recipients are taken through various rooms, told what will happen and shown how to curtsey or “bob”.

They are given a silver hook to place on their lapel, which the award is then placed upon as they go up to receive it.

Lindy said: “Prince Charles asked if I lived in Scarborough and when I told him I did, he said it was a beautiful town.

“He also said, which I thought was very odd, was ‘I remember Scarborough as the place where old men sit on the beach smoking pipes’.

“I smiled at that and said ‘Well, maybe that’s Yorkshire for you’.”

The Prince also asked Lindy how long she’d been doing her community work and encouraged her to continue it.

After the ceremony, Lindy met up with other members of the family for a surprise buffet lunch with champagne at Victory Services Club, near Marble Arch.

She said: “It was a wonderful surprise - my son and daughter had arranged it. There were 12 of us altogether and my granddaughter brought me a cake with a medal iced on top.”

Lindy added that when she got back to the hotel, the manager told her they’d never had anyone stay there with an MBE before, and presented her and Tom with a bottle of champagne.

The evening was finished off in style with the whole family getting together for a meal at Brasserie Joel, a French restaurant at Westminster Bridge.

Lindy said: “It was a beautiful meal and it was Tom’s treat for us all. The restaurant had a picture window overlooking Westminster, which was wonderful.

“The whole day was just so much more than I could have ever expected. The family really made it for me - my daughter said I had a silly grin on my face from getting up to going to bed.”

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