Lit fireworks thrown at seafront cafe customers

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ILLEGAL fireworks were hurled at customers sitting outside a Scarborough cafe, police said yesterday.

The members of the public were at the Oasis cafe in Royal Albert Drive when the lit Spanish fireworks, which do not meet UK safety laws, were thrown from the Queens Parade area above.

Police rushed to the scene and three discarded packets of Spanish fireworks were discovered.

Two males, both aged 16, were stopped by police a short distance away. They confiscated some bangers from the youths. They were spoken to but no further action was taken.

The fireworks were thrown on Thursday at around 6:50pm.

Sgt Jacqui Raynor, of Scarborough police, said: “Throwing fireworks is very serious. Fortunately no-one was injured but there was potential for serious injuries to be caused.

“Fireworks that do not have British safety markers can cause a risk to the person lighting them and those in close proximity.”

North Yorkshire Police issued a further warning after a lit firework entered a home in York on Wednesday.

The firework entered the property through a bedroom window and exploded, causing a fire.

Fortunately, no-one was injured in the incident.