Little support for police station plan

RE former police station building in Murray Street

With reference to the council’s consultation summary report we learn that 241 households agreed with their proposal to move from their current offices into the former police station building, this was out of a total of approximately 4,500 properties approached.

This means that only 5.355 percent of households agreed with their proposals and 94.64 percent either did not agree with these proposals, or could not be bothered to return the questionnaire.

We are advised by the report that 349 residents returned their forms, which means that 108 did not agree with their proposals, and from what I can gather this excludes the 38 townsfolk included on the petition plus 10 others who agreed with the petitioners, making a total 156 voters at least who did not favour the office’s move, which means that 3.46 percent of the townsfolk specifically disagreed with the council’s proposals.

Also despite the council’s assurances that they support local businesses to improve the local economy, they dismissed the fact that 18 business traders were included in the petition of 38, totally ignoring that these 18 who employ local people and invariably pay two lots of rates.

We are advised in the report that the council is committed to the seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, openness, honesty, leadership and will strive to improve standards for:

Our customers

Our staff

Our community

Our environment

Despite this assurance, they put their needs before the townsfolk when they ignore the town’s request, which asks for anything which would attract the townsfolk and visitors to the eastern side of the town, instead of them going no further than Tesco’s will be welcomed by the businesses in the town.

Surprisingly the council can also obtain loans for their own purposes as detailed in the final paragraph of this letter extracted from the council’s report, when the town has been deprived of a leisure centre for over 30 years as referred to in my earlier letters.

The town council would then need to consider a detailed financial forecast and draw up a detailed business plan for the project to be able to submit to external funding bodies eg Heritage Lottery Fund, Coastal Communities Fund and/or to investigate the viability of applying for loan funds from the Public Works Loan Board at very reduced rates. Members need to consider very carefully the revenue income which can be obtained from all sources related to this project as the former police station project will need to be financially self-sustaining and members will also need to assess any associated financial risks for this project to protect public funds.

J Robert Dyson

Langsett Avenue