Local democracy in action

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All 50 seats on Scarborough Borough Council are up for grabs in next Thursday’s elections.

We asked the parties and the independent councillors to say why they should get your vote this time.


Labour is within striking distance of taking control of Scarborough Borough Council.

Labour is committed to change, ensuring the council protect and use our tremendous resources for all residents, to make the Yorkshire Coast a vibrant, prosperous place to live, work and visit.

Quality of life depends on good service. We are committed to public service; litter, refuse collection, car parking, bus services, children’s play areas, toilets, dog fouling and the seagull nuisance all matter.

We will support investment in town centres so they are family friendly and a pleasant place to be, especially in the evening.

We will support investment in training, education and jobs. Our 
industrial estates should be full, our young people skilled and in employment.

We will cut waste not services. The current Conservative council stopped our plan to create a single tier of local government on the Yorkshire Coast and save millions of pounds. Instead, in each area, we have two councillors getting paid for two jobs in two councils when only one councillor is needed.

To change how the council works and give better and more transparent consultation, vote Labour for the real change we need.


The next four years are going to be tough. Lack of taxpayer funding will pose serious risks to council services.

Inequality and stress may make our community increasingly unstable.

And meanwhile our basic needs such as healthy food, air and water are threatened by climate change, dangerous chemicals and industries such as fracking – either ignored or even promoted by big business and their friends the establishment parties.

The Green Party cares about the big picture now and in the future, but we can also help local people and make small positive changes on the local council.

We have already helped to establish a Sustainability Strategy and the Choices4Energy service which is saving you energy and money.

Our priorities are energy saving, recycling, decent housing, encouraging local food production and local business, and preserving the fabric of our towns.

A strong community spirit and lively cultural activities are vital.

Remember that a local election is different, and that in a mixed council a few Greens can make all the difference. We’re not in politics for prestige or money, but to help people long-term.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats want to see Scarborough and Whitby included as part of the developing Northern Powerhouse. The danger is the Powerhouse will stop at York and we then become little more than a forgotten branch line. Our business parks are not developing and remain empty. The A64 needs to be turned into a dual carriageway and the modernisation of the railway has to include the Scarborough - York line.

In Scarborough, the Liberal Democrats have concerns over the future of the Tesco site.

The collapse of that deal has left a £14 million gap in the council’s financial plans and this needs addressing. Liberal Democrats want to see the site developed both as affordable as well as social housing.

Liberal Democrats want to see an extension of the “Voice your Choice” projects at which local residents choose which local project gets council funding. We believe that where possible, local people make the decisions that affect their lives.

Liberal Democrats have always tried to make sure that the services offered and provided by the council are efficient, effective and timely.

Liberal Democrats support the extension of the council tax property value bands so that properties in the new higher bands will pay a fairer share of council tax.


For five consecutive years the Conservative-led council has not increased council tax. Year-on-year we’re managing funding and work force reductions with minimum impact on front line services.

We are on target to achieve the strategy “Towards 2020, the Renaissance of the Yorkshire Coast” with:

l Scarborough Business Park’s £10m investment

l £5m developing Woodend

l Rotunda redeveloped

l Scarborough Spa refurbished.

l Major harbours investment.

l Green Lane Neighbourhood Centre developed and community operated.

l Next Generation “superfast” broadband.

l Scarborough Jobmatch supporting over 4,000 unemployed residents and helping 1,500 secure a job

The borough has a strong Visitor Economy Strategy now worth £470m and employing 15,500 people. More is still to come:

l Strong economic growth.

l £40bn investment at Dogger Bank, the biggest windfarm in the world and the Offshore Wind Service Centre in Whitby to support

l A University Technical College, Universities of Coventry and Hull. Making the borough a place of excellence in education and jobs, growing student numbers

l Sirius Minerals’ £1bn investment to develop a potash mine, creating up to 2,000 jobs.

l Leisure developments in North Bay including the Water Park.

l £60m+ Weaponness site investment, including new Sports Village, football stadium and Olympic legacy pool.

l Planned housing investment at highest levels since Victorian times with a ‘construction skills village’ included offering traditional apprenticeships in the construction industry.


UKIP are committed to local democracy. We have no party whips involved in the local democratic process. UKIP councillors will fully represent their ward constituents, and can vote against matters even if they conflict with UKIP’s national policies.

We believe we can have a major influence on how Scarborough Borough Council is run. We passionately believe in full transparency and that democracy is best served by debating matters that affect the residents of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey inside the council chamber.

We’ve made election pledges and parking is one of our bugbears. We believe that charging people to park outside their own homes is wrong and aim to stop this unfair taxation. We want to give residents an hour of free parking in council off-street car parks to encourage the use of local traders. If we can curtail the parking problems at local hospitals, we will also act.

We believe that the Futurist could still be used as a major tourist attraction and will work towards that goal. We aim to curtail the frivolous financial spending that sees money being needlessly wasted, despite UKIP councillors pointing out that waste.

UKIP are here to serve you and we will deliver whatever is best for our towns and villages.

Independent candidates

Jo Swift – North Bay Ward

As co-founder for Totally Locally Scarborough, and an independent business owner, I understand the concerns for local businesses and the importance of a thriving town for all.

The residents of the town have been neglected, in particular the younger generation, for outside visitors. As a mother and grandmother I know what this town needs and requires. I have collected data from schools and colleges and know what they want as well as other residents.

I’m a North Bay resident and I’m very proud to be part of that community and I’m keen to develop the area with all voices heard.

Deb Wiles – Newby Ward

As an Independent councillor I will give local residents 100 per cent representation. I am not governed by political party policies.

I am an enthusiastic, pro-active working mother of two and have spent many years working with community groups and organisations. I have also been parish councillor on several committees. My focus is with the local area and the people who live in it.

My priorities: reduce crime (in particular burglaries), prevent unnecessary developments which could impact on independent businesses and scar our beautiful surroundings, and ensure there is sufficient and suitable infrastructure (doctors, schools, etc) for the existing residents, prior to housing developments being considered.

Bill Chatt – Woodlands Ward

It has been a great honour to represent the Woodlands ward, to support and help where it’s been needed. A lot of opportunity for the area of Barrowcliff has been raised over recent years,with the Big Local grant and a new resident-led group engaging with the younger and older residents in the area,

We still have a lot of problems with parking around the hospital and surrounding areas,

As an independent I am not being told and will never be told how to vote at council and will always keep the area and people of Woodlands in my thought,

I have lived in the area for most of my life,and have always tried to support and help where I can,

Pat Marsburg –

Falsgrave ParkWard

I have lived in Falsgrave for 19 years so many of you know me and my personal efforts to help solve your problems and my reputation to fight for the people I represent, and that I am a tireless campaigner for our community.

I have continually worked with and supported St Catherine’s Hospice, Basics Plus, Scarborough, Whitby and Rydedale Mind, 
Disabled Action Group, local RNLI, Rotary, Help for Heroes, British Legion and the young cadets.

For the last eight years it has been my privilege to serve you all and to serve you for the next four years would be an honour.

Janet Jefferson – Castle Ward

I have been a Castle Ward independent councillor since 1999, having lived and worked in the ward, the Train Shop, since 1983.

I have worked hard to retain Manor Road Nurseries, Town Hall and Futurist Theatre and improve employment, leisure and football facilities.

As Chair of Castle Ward Residents and Police Group, Chair of Friarage School Governing Body, President of the Chamber of Trade, I am committed to the Castle Community, tackling personal, anti-social and other important issues.

I hope my record of being available, getting things done and keeping you regularly informed 
is worthy of your continued support.

Peter Popple – Northstead Ward

The last four years have been difficult due to austerity cuts. Scarborough, at last, is moving forward.

Waterworld started and I hope to see the Atlantis, Marvels and Kinderland sites on the North Side developed in the next four years.

With the establishment of University Campus and leisure village and prospects of many secure well paid jobs when the potash and wind energy industries are established they will provide employment, especially for young people.

I do hope my track record deserves your vote and I can keep working for the Northstead Ward, being the only candidate that actually lives in the ward.

Mike Cockerill - Filey Ward

I continue to stand as an Independent as the work of the Borough Council has purely local implications rather than at a national level where Party Politics can rule.

Remaining Independent allows me to work with anyone.

Despite the cutbacks, imposed from Westminster, we have managed to secure funding for work in Filey, some on much needed maintenance and additional funding for improvements but still not a fair share for our town.

Much of my time is spent sorting out problems or concerns raised by individual Filey residents.

I do consider it important to consult and listen to Filey folk before deciding what is best for Filey, the town where I was brought up.

Trisha Scott - National Front - Woodlands

The National Front is the ONLY party to speak for the British people.

Many local firms actively seek foreign labour, even advertising vacancies in foreign languages! Thanks mainly to being in the EU!

Our fishing industry has all but disappeared, thanks to the EU!

We are encouraged to “shop local”, whilst the town is being ruined by pound shops, pawn shops, bookies etc.

The council seem to have a death wish for Scarborough, ignoring people’s wishes, as with the demise of the Futurist for example.

Please vote National Front on 7th May.