Local taxpayer is left to clear discarded rubbish

Litter is left to scatter
Litter is left to scatter

Re Seamer Horse Fair 2018:

I have lived in and around Seamer since the late 50s, now in Cayton, and born in Scarborough.

The fair was never started for horse trading, it was a village fair for village people and produce selling. With the Lord of the Manor on horse back riding through the village throwing coins for the children.

The horses were introduced and problems started. As the years went by more and more horses turned up, the village shop had to have someone on the door because of the aggravation caused by the travelling people. A few years ago the fair was moved from the village to the official field where the horse fair dealing is done.

The travellers start arriving two to three weeks before and take up residence on the industrial estate, ie Cayton Low Road, Thornborough Road, Taylor Way and Cayton approach east. It is well noted that the official site is cleared of rubbish by the end of the final day. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Cayton Low Road Industrial Estate, Thornborough Road, Taylor Way or Cayton approach area, where rubbish is still scattered around the areas. The discarded rubbish is left for the local tax payer to clear.

T Baker

Spring Gardens, Cayton