Locations of all the police boxes

In answer to John Goodrick’s letter in the Scarborough News, October 18, having been a serving copper in the late 1950s in Scarborough I well remember the 14 police boxes we used regularly.

They were:

1 box on Sandside at the kerb edge from where it is now

2 box was on a triangle at the entrance road to the Spa

3 box was in St Martin’s Square, South Cliff

4 box was at the junction of the Esplanade and Esplanade Gardens

5 box was on Filey Road at its junction with Holbeck Road

6 box was at the end of Queen Margaret’s Road at its junction with Seamer Road

7 box was on the pavement outside Falsgrave School, now Bed King

8 box was at the end of Sandybed Crescent at its junction with Stepney Road

9 box was at the end of Woodland Ravine at its junction with Scalby Road

10 box was at the top of Dean Road at the roundabout and next to some public toilets

11 box was on Columbus Ravine at its junction with Victoria Park

12 box was on Northway on the corner of the gardens

13 box was actually just a telephone linked to the police station and was beneath the serving hatch for left luggage in the underpass, which went under the road from the cafe to the railway station side of the road

14 box was situated somewhere over Barclays Bank, its entrance was down a passageway off St Nicholas Street

Each box had a light on top to summon the officer on the beat should he be wanted. The light for 13 box was on the entrance to the underpass and the light for 14 box was suspended across the cross roads of St Nicholas Street, Newborough Street and St Thomas Street.

R Brewell

Red Scar Drive