Long-serving staff member retires after nearly 26 years

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A familiar face at Proudfoot’s Seamer store has retired after almost 26 years’ service with the family-run business.

Joyce Gibson started work with the company in January 1988 and has always worked at the Seamer branch, mostly on the delicatessen counter.

She has lived in Seamer since she was 17 years old and worked at the Mayfield before getting the job at Proudfoot.

Joyce, 68, worked full time until she was 60 and has been part time for the last eight years.

She said: “There’s been a lot of changes over the years, but the biggest one was when we had a refit a few years ago and became an eco store.

“It was hard work, but everyone enjoyed it and it was a change for the better.”

Joyce, of Beacon Road, added: “I’ve really enjoyed working there - I wouldn’t have stayed for 26 years if I hadn’t!

“It’s been a really good place to work and the people are great - they’re such a good crowd.

“We do our work, but we also have a laugh. It’s also nice to work for a family firm - much better than a big company.”

To mark her retirement, Joyce was treated to a meal at the Mayfield with a number of her colleagues.

She said: “They surprised me - I thought it was just going to be three of us!”

The following day, there was a presentation for Joyce with a speech by Ian Proudfoot and gifts.

Joyce said: “I am going to miss it. It just feels like I’m on holiday at the moment because of Christmas.”