Long wait for promised development

RE the article in the Scarborough News, August 9, on yet more plans for The Sands development.

March 21, 2011, in the then SEN on page 5 was a drawing of the proposed development of the whole site. A ‘hotel/leisure’ complex to go where the Atlantis is, a ‘pub or car park’ where the Burniston Road car park is, a ‘proposed visitor attraction’ at the east end of the same car park and the ‘water park’ below that on what is the grassed area at the moment.

May 16, 2012, an article under ‘Water Feature’, “A FULL planning application for a water park and holiday lodges at The Sands development has been submitted to Scarborough Council”.

Cllr Fox said the plans did not include the former Atlantis site and added: “It’s superb and very positive the way that Benchmark are engaged in the process – they are moving forward with an incredible timetable”.

I find Cllr Fox’s comment, “they are moving forward with an incredible timetable” rather droll. We are now 17 years down the road and all we have through Benchmark are private built flats, now privately owned beach bungalows, a refurbished Open Air Theatre (by another company) and the rest just a desolate wasteland. We are constantly informed that this, that and the other plan has been submitted but that is as far as it ever goes. Every time a new plan appears things have moved round to somewhere else.

One has to hope that if this project really happens and work does actually start that the eight lane swimming pool does not suddenly disappear along with the £100,000 promised for the children’s play area. Does the eight lane pool replace the current Indoor Pool?

The Sands aka Zenith started in 1995 and was going to take 5 years, I will not hold my breath on this project ever being completed.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue