Looking back at Castle Howard’s war memories

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The experiences of the Castle Howard family, its tenants and community is revealed in a new book to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I.

Duty Calls: Castle Howard and the Great War weaves together a rich tapestry of stories giving an insight into the lives of those who went away to fight as well as their families who were left at home.

Author Christopher Ridgway, the curator at Castle Howard, said: “The Howards of Castle Howard possess the great virtue of never having thrown anything away. Consequently the archives are an enormous treasure trove of generations of material relating to the family house and estate.

“This priceless archive, alongside contributions from local families, has made it possible to unlock the lives of people living through the momentous times of war and the book captures the essence of that time.”

The stories in Duty Calls show how everyone was affected by the global conflict, from tenant farmers to sons of the Howard family as well as those left behind. An accompanying exhibition, which runs until November, features some of the artefacts mentioned in the book as well as stories from other conflicts. The book is on sale at Castle Howard for £10.