Louisa worked for wealthy family

Louisa Bonham
Louisa Bonham

A SCARBOROUGH woman has spoken about her own family connection with the Titanic.

Edie Mewse, of Burtondale Road, has a link to the events through her mother, Louisa Bonham.

Louisa worked as a nanny for the Barbours, a very wealthy family in Belfast, from 1911 to 1916.

Mr Barbour’s sister, Helen, married Tommy Andrews, the man who designed the Titanic, billed as “the greatest ship ever built”.

When the ship hit an iceberg during its maiden voyage, of the 2,206 passengers, only 705 survived.

One of those who went down with the ill-fated ship was Mr Andrews.

After the collision with the iceberg, Mr Andrews’ final hours were spent trying to evacuate the women and children off the Titanic.

He made absolutely no attempt to save himself and his body was never recovered.

It is believed Helen was expecting to set sail with Mr Andrews on that fateful trip and the couple’s baby daughter, Elizabeth Law Barbour Andrews, known as Elba, was to be looked after by Louisa at Clonberg House, the home of the Barbours, as her parents sailed on the Titanic.

However, Mrs Andrews fell ill and did not travel, staying at home to look after Elba as Mr Andrews sailed to his death.

Mrs Andrews, inconsolable after her husband’s death, remained a frequent visitor to Clonberg House and Louisa would often help look after Elba, Tommy and Helen’s only child.