Loyalty to the Vaults

My wife is the proprietor of Luckenbooth Jewellery, Market Vaults, Scarborough, a shop which, as you know, has survived for over 16 years.

I would hope that I speak for most of the positive thinking traders in the Market Hall and Vaults shops when I express my sadness at the totally negative piece about the Market Vaults, particularly prior to the run up to Christmas week when most traders throughout this town, as well as the Market Hall, expect an increase in trade.

I would like this to go on record that my wife, Susan Bell, was interviewed, and spoke only on condition of a positive attitude to the public in order to get local support in the run up to Christmas, in the hope to generate trade.

She is not only saddened but also very annoyed and disappointed at being misled! None of her comments were even implied or mentioned correctly.

My wife’s loyalty is and always has been to the Vaults, which she still feels very strongly about even after all the years of trading and endless struggle.

I hope you have the courage to print this letter, albeit too late to change the attitudes of Christmas shoppers, perhaps it might influence “others” to re-think their attitudes for the New Year.

Thank you for your time, Merry Christmas (and we hope a prosperous New Year).

James Bell

Market Vaults