Lucky Adam is back on his feet

Adam Tilley with his book signed by well-wishers 122131a
Adam Tilley with his book signed by well-wishers 122131a

A POPULAR Scarborough man has defied doctors by walking again – less than three months after he snapped his back in a cycling accident.

31-year-old Adam Tilley will have a scan on Monday before he hopes doctors give him a clean bill of health.

It’s an amazing recovery for the East Ayton resident, who spent seven weeks in a hospital bed after a car plowed into the back of him when he was cycling in Hutton Buscel in late February.

After the accident doctors told him that he could have easily been killed if he had hit his head with the same force as his back, and that it was a miracle that he wasn’t paralysed.

And speaking of the near-fatal accident, Mr Tilley said: “I thought it was game over.”

However, with the help of a brace, he’s now able to walk around, despite doctors telling him that for the majority of people with his injuries, the healing process can take up to two years to complete.

“The doctors told me that because I’m quite healthy and I keep fit, it’s really quickened things up.”

And Mr Tilley, who works at the Tesco store in Castle Road, is now eyeing up a return to work in July.

He has been into work to say hello to his colleagues, who set up a book for well-wishers to sign.

Hundreds of messages were sent, and Mr Tilley said their support has helped him get through a dark period.

He said: “I was just in tears all day after the accident, I didn’t know what was going to happen.

“But all my mates and everybody at work have been great, and loads of people in Scarborough keep coming in and asking how I am.”

Now he’s up and running again, he has two major aims.

A keen sportsman, he’s looking forward to gracing the football pitch again.

And having lost several stone during his hospital stay, he has vowed to stick to a steady diet of ice cream to help pack on the pounds.

A lifelong “armchair” Manchester City fan, he also hopes to attend his first game at the Etihad Stadium to watch them play, and said that their title win left him a little sore.

“When Aguero got that winner, I was jumping around the room like an idiot, even though I still had my brace on!”

A self-confessed Disney fanatic, he also hopes to go on a postponed holiday to Florida in September.

He said: “I’m supposed to be there right now.

“It’s a bit of a sickner, but after what happened, I don’t complain about anything any more.”