Major donation set to benefit cancer patients in hospital

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Scarborough Hospital’s chemotherapy unit has received an incredible boost from Walk the Walk charity who donated £46,368 to purchase new cooling caps for cancer patients.

Patients receiving certain chemotherapy drugs, which cause hair loss, can reduce their chance of losing their hair when using the new scalp coolers.

The new technology built into the scalp cooler has allowed greater accuracy and reliability.

Macmillan nurse Vicky Dixon said, “This means a lot to both men and women. Alopecia, especially in women, is an outward sign of cancer and a constant reminder of their illness, so by being able to provide this treatment, we hope to make the experience for our patients more bearable. We are very grateful to Walk the Walk for their generous donation.”

The new scalp cooling caps are preferred by the patients. Those who have also used the older caps say the new ones fit better and are more tolerable.

The cap is placed onto a patient’s head and dramatically cools the hair follicles which can prevent the strand of hair falling out.

York Teaching Hospital Charity has just purchased two new treatment chairs for the unit, meaning that eight patients can now been treated rather than six.

This addition cost over £30,000.