Major survey to assess housing

SCARBOROUGH Council is launching a major housing survey which will assess housing needs across the area.

It is part of a county-wide initiative and the council has joined forces with other housing authorities across North Yorkshire.

The chairman of the Local Government North Yorkshire and York Housing Board, Cllr Richard Foster, said: “Housing markets and communities’ housing aspirations don’t follow local council boundaries.

“We need to understand what type of housing North Yorkshire people require now and in the future, so we can plan properly to meet that need. And by working together we can not only get that better understanding but also save a considerable amount of money.

“We urge people to complete the survey - the information we get from local people is the best way to make sure we get our housing plans and planning decisions in our local areas right.”

This will be the biggest piece of housing research ever undertaken in the region and the survey – which will be carried out by consultants Vision Twentyone – is being funded by central government.

It will be sent to around 30,000 homes across the borough in the next fortnight.

The survey will be sent to every home in rural areas and a large sample of homes in the urban areas of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey.

A total of around 160,000 homes across the county will be targeted for the survey which will look at all aspects of housing – including affordable housing, housing for older people, supported housing for vulnerable people, as well as the open housing market of homes for sale and rent.

It will gather information on the sort of homes people currently live in, how much they cost, how far people travel to work as well as considering why people choose to live where they do and what factors drive the housing market.

A Scarborough Council spokesman said: “The survey will be particularly crucial in assessing likely affordable housing need in the borough over the next few years. A similar housing needs assessment was carried out across the borough in 2007, which revealed high levels of affordable housing need across all parts of the borough.”

Anyone who does not receive a survey form can still take part by visiting: and completing it online.