Makeover winner Melissa puts all her goals in sight

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LOSE weight, fit into a bikini and have a baby – that’s the agenda for makeover winner Melissa Jones.

The Scarborough Jobmatch administration assistant was selected from a shortlist of local women as the winner of the Evening News and Eze Fitness body makeover competition at the start of this year, after stating she wanted to lose four stone, on instruction from her doctor, in order to have a baby safely.

To help shift those pounds, the 22-year-old received a year’s free membership at Eze Fitness in Dunslow Road and free personal trainer sessions, but with only five months left to go and having struggled early on in her fitness journey, Melissa is still some way from achieving her goals.

She said she is “sick of being fat”, and will need to up her efforts and make the most of the prize on offer, if she is to see a difference.

“My big aim is to lose four stone, but I just want to do well,” said Mrs Jones. “Now the wedding’s over, it feels like something’s changed. I’m encouraged by a lot of things, I want to follow through this month.

“Of course there’s always room for improvement, but one thing I’ve noticed change is the fact that I want to be at the gym.

“The driving force is that I want to have a baby, so I need to lose more weigh.”

Melissa recently moved from The Imperial pub in Filey, where she and husband Michael worked, to a home in Crossgates, which she believes will have a positive impact on her gym regime.

She said: “Not having the pub means I have time to do more. I live in Crossgates so I’m just a ten minute walk from the gym so I can get there a lot more easily now.

“In the last month I’ve seen a huge improvement in myself, and I know I can and will do it.

“This month has been so much easier, I’m actually getting to the gym. All I want to do is lose weight. I’m just sick of being fat.”

Determination and drive has often been a lacking factor for Mrs Jones, who has now started to attend pilates, swiss ball and zumba classes on a more regular basis.

She said she’s giving it her all, and even has a taste for a new morning routine.

“I work hard when I’m at the gym, if you go and don’t do your best, what’s the point? I definitely go and make the most of it.

“I’ve been going in the morning before work, it’s amazing the difference it’s made. Instead of getting to lunchtime and feeling tired like I normally do, I feel raring to go.

“When you get positive results like that, it’s worth getting up for, it’s absolutely brilliant.

“I’m finding it a lot easier to get motivated and it’s much more enjoyable. I can also be there on an evening for a longer time and I don’t have to rush back home.

“I always want to do quicker times, more repetitions, I want to beat my previous times or scores.

“I’ll be going at least three times a week in the next month.”

Mrs Jones also commented on a difference in her attitude towards her long-term achievements. As well as working towards a bikini body, she wants to be a positive influence for her step children and future child.

She added: “It’s all about a lifestyle change and about my health rather than trying to fit into that one dress or in a bikini. It’s about being healthier, for when I want to have a baby, I can be a good role model for the children.

“I don’t want to hit 40 and have heart problems. I need to get it off now, and then obviously I can look nice in a bikini!”

Eze Fitness trainer Al Sutton said he hopes that Melissa will not only maintain a positive attitude, but also put her words into practice by seeing through her commitment to a minimum of three sessions per week so that she has a fighting chance of achieving her goals.

He said: “She does need to work hard when she’s here. Sometimes she’ll try hard for the first week and then it gradually goes and we won’t see her.

“I do want her to come in and take advantage of the personal training sessions. I’ve said if she’s going to three classes a week then I’m happy to see her once a week.

“If she can’t get motivated, we can’t help her, but as long as she’s willing to try hard when she’s here, then we can still work with her.”