Malton firm name change ‘due to Isis’

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A Malton firm has been forced to change its name - due to it including Isis.

Computer manufacturer Isis-Ex admits it has struggled since its terror network namesake embarked on a grizzly religious crusade.

Bosses at the Showfield Lane firm say they are now ditching the decades-old name due to the unfortunate connotations with the evil Jihadists.

“We don’t want our name to evoke unpleasant associations, as iSiS-Ex had begun to,” admitted a company spokesperson.

“That’s not nice for our customers and it isn’t nice for us.

“We’re a positive business – the negative connotations do not suit us.”

The international firm, whose global headquarters are in Malton, will now trade under the name Smart-Ex.

The company hope the change of name will also lead to a change in fortune, after admitting to a tough 2015 while the so-called Islamic State committed global atrocities.

These included November’s Parisian terror attacks, in which 130 people were murdered in the French capital.

“2015 has been a difficult year for us all,” admitted managing director Howard Gould.

“But thanks to our customers, suppliers, staff and stakeholders we enter the new year with vigour committed to success, patiently waiting for the turnaround and ready to be of service.”

Isis was originally an Egyptian god, worshiped as the ideal mum and wife.

However it has since been by adopted by militant members of the terror group - also known as Daesh.

And isn’t the first time ISIS’ name has caused headaches.

It was rumoured Downton Abbey bosses killed off Lord Grantham’s pet Labrador because it was named Isis.

However ITV chiefs denied it, while actor Hugh Bonneville said anybody who believed the theory was a ‘complete berk’.