Man attacked with shotgun jailed over naked picture

Scott  Watmuff
Scott Watmuff

A Scarborough man has been jailed after an affair with a married woman led to him posting a naked picture of her online - and being shot by her husband.

Scott Watmuff, 41, of Redcliffe Road was allegedly shot and wounded by his lover’s husband after he smashed up her car at an address in Sawdon in July this year.

The incident came just days after he posted an intimate picture of the woman on his Facebook page.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard that Watmuff had started a relationship with the woman, despite the fact she was still married.

The prosecution alleged that after the pair split up and the woman moved back into her marital home Watmuff, a former fitness instructor who has a previous conviction for harassment, posted, what was described in court as, a ‘private picture of the victim’s genitals’ on his Facebook page.

Despite the woman’s face not being visible the prosecution said that comments on the picture ‘left those who saw it in no doubt as to who it was’.

Defending Watmuff solicitor Ian Brickman said that in many respects his client was the victim in this case.

He told the court: “My client began a relationship with the woman but shortly after they moved in together he realised he had made a mistake and terminated the relationship.”

He said that he had gone to her home after having a drink to recover some money he was owed.

Mr Brickman added: “Finding no answer at the house he was leaving and saw a rock and, regrettably, threw it through the window.

“It was then that the husband appeared at an upstairs window, brandishing a shotgun.

“He shot my client in the back of the leg and chased him off the property at gunpoint. This is part of a separate police investigation.

“Since then my client has suffered from PTSD.”

With regard to the picture he said it had been sent to Watmuff ‘unsolicited’ but he admitted it was an error to put it online.

Watmuff admitted to one charge of criminal damage and one of disclosure of private, sexual photographs online.

Chairman of the bench, Margaret Trebble, jailing Watmuff for 16 weeks, said that the nature of the photograph was ‘of an extremely intimate nature and would have been very distressing for the victim.’

Watmuff was also banned from entering Sawdon for three years and must pay a Crown Court Charge of £180 and compensation of £250.

He is also allowed no contact with the victim.