Man caught by police in alleged ‘act of rape’

Plain clothes police officer apprehended man in Scarbroough street
Plain clothes police officer apprehended man in Scarbroough street

A plain clothes police officer said he caught a man “in the act of rape” while patrolling the streets in Scarborough, a public meeting heard.

During a breakdown of crime in Castle Ward at the Tenants’ and Residents’ Association meeting, the police officer revealed that he had apprehended the man during a patrol in Scarborough.

He said: “I, myself as a plain clothes police officer, managed to catch someone in the act of rape about six weeks since – which is normally unheard of.

“I caught him, arrested him and he’s currently on remand pending a crown court appearance.

“He has been charged with sexual offences against a female in the Scarborough area.

“There’s a trial set for York Crown Court which I think is possibly for January 2018.”

Rape allegations between the end of June and to September 26 dropped from seven allegations to four this year.

The PC also revealed he was assaulted earlier this month.

He said: “In relation to two of those reports, two females were assaulted about a week and a half since in the town centre by a male.

“Both females had to be taken to hospital as a result of that.

“We identified an offender and I went round to arrest that offender and he wouldn’t co-operate which resulted in me getting assaulted as well.

“So you can appreciate it – I get assaulted and my colleague gets assaulted and we’ve got all this personal protection equipment with us then you can understand what the females went through.”

The male has been charged with a number of offences.

Crime figures for Castle Ward, which covers the town centre, have dropped by 17.4% on last year’s figures from the end of June to the day of the meeting on Tuesday September 26.

Despite there being a fall in criminal damage during this period compared to last year, a lot of the reports revolve around graffiti.

The PC added: “The town centre has been hit over the past three months with a large amount of graffiti.

“That graffiti has been on people’s vehicles, private property, commercial properties with an estimated damage to a value of somewhere between £5,00 and £8,000.

“We’ve still not got the figure as of yet because we’re still trying to trace victims.

“Scarborough Borough Council has been absolutely fantastic in cleaning the town up.”

Someone has been arrested on suspicion of the damage and has admitted some but not all cases.

•Here is a break down of some of the crime figures year on year:

Criminal damage

2016 - 85, 2017 - 70


2016 - 26, 2017 - 24


2016 - 2, 2017 - 7


2016 - 7, 2017 - 4


2016 - 127, 2017 -124

Vehicle offences

2016 - 10, 2017 -10

Violence to a person

2016 - 93, 2017 - 83

Drug possession

2016 - 41, 2017 - 22

Public order offences

2016 - 54, 2017 - 32