Man injured in cliff fall as he escaped raging waters

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A man was dramatically rescued from Primrose Valley beach after injuring his knee - as a dangerous high tide closed in.

Filey lifeboat crews rushed to the aid of the man, who was stranded between Primrose Valley and Hunmanby Gap with two-metre high waves crashing against the shore.

The man had fallen on to stones at the base of the cliffs on Monday, June 4 after trying to escape the rushing sea waters.

He was rescued after dragging himself from the water and onto a former World War Two pill box.

A lifeboat spokeswoman said he had been fortunate to escape without further injuries.

She said: “The sea was very rough after several days of strong northerly winds, which created big swells and breaking waves in excess of two metres high rolling up the beach.

“Due to the rough sea the inshore lifeboat crew requested back up support from the all-weather lifeboat.

“Helmsman Gary Wilson made a beach landing and crew member Ben Hargreaves went ashore to assess the condition of the man who had managed to drag himself away from the waters edge and had climbed onto a pillbox to keep out of the advancing surf as it was nearing high tide. 

“He was experiencing problems with his knee and could not stand unaided and was also exhausted.”

The man was taken back to Coble Landing and then onto hospital for treatment.

John Collling, Lifeboat Operations Manager, added: “Even people who are regular walkers on the beach can be caught out by the speed at which the tide can flood when the sea is rough.

“The larger waves can cause the sea to run up the beach much faster and longer than normal and can easily knock a person off their feet.”

The incident was followed by a second call-out the following day for Filey crews.

Around 8.30am on Tuesday, June 5, the all weather lifeboat was launched to help the Scarborough potting boat, Bebelowe.

The vessel had suffered engine problems off Filey Bay and was towed back to Scarborough harbour by the lifeboat.