Mandy rewarded for community work

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AN INSPIRATIONAL Scarborough woman responsible for providing a beacon of educational hope for scores of learners in the town has been rewarded for her exceptional community work.

Mandy Lace, 40, was honoured in the Borough’s Big Thank You Awards for her tireless work with the Learning Societies and Yell SOS groups which provide help to get disabled people into education and employment.

Ms Lace, of West Square, was given the runner-up title in the Care and Support in the Community category and received her award from Scarborough mayor Cllr Hazel Lynskey.

She was put forward by a host of admirers including James Koppert, and said she was delighted to have been recognised.

She said: “The fact I was nominated was overwhelming and I am extremely grateful for a wonderful experience.

“People are always so thankful for all that we do and I get text messages saying they wouldn’t know what they would do without us.

“It was also an amazing experience to go to the Town Hall and meet the mayor.

“She is a delightful woman and had great passion and determination.”

Ms Lace set up Yell SOS - currently funded by Learning Societies - in 2005, and the service specialises in making education and employment a less daunting process by tailoring life span plans to improve all aspects of a person’s life.

She said it had been key in helping a number of people achieve their goals but was committed to giving even more service in the future.

She added: “The over-arching aim is always to sustain people in higher education or training.

“People often know what they want but have no idea how to get it and we deal with people and their problems and find a client-led situation that works best for them.

“Humberside Police have also described us as the glue that keeps things together and the nice thing about this award is that it was more special because it came from the people who we are helping.

“That is the most rewarding thing of all.”