Manor Court Hotel, Carnaby: a la carte and pub classics together

Manor Court, Carnaby
Manor Court, Carnaby

You know that feeling when you have been out all day and the last thing you want to do is cook? Well that was us.

We decided to brave the cold, and rather icy, conditions to make the 10-minute journey down the road to Carnaby from Bridlington to give the Manor Court Hotel a try.

Carnaby isn’t exactly walking distance, with the majority of people having to travel by car to get to it.

If you’re travelling from the Bridlington/Scarborough direction, then the premises is on the left hand side before the roundabout.

The car park is at the back of the building and when you turn the corner, you see the very modern looking surroundings.

I could imagine myself enjoying a nice cold beer sitting out in the courtyard in the summer months.

Manor Court is home to a 
hotel, an English restaurant and an Italian called Azzuro.

We hadn’t booked a table for the English restaurant and it was a fairly quiet night with just a couple of large groups 
eating in.

We sat in the area looking out into the well-lit courtyard where we could see the snow falling in front of us; though we were grateful for the warmth of the inside.

I welcomed the variety of options on the menu with an additional specials menu available.

Starters are available at a reasonable price with individual and shared dishes on the menu including smoked salmon, king prawns and lamb 

We decided to share the chilli nachos. The portion was big with chilli beef, cheese and jalepenos to go along with the nachos and was worth the £5.20 price.

We moved on to the main course where there was plenty on offer including pub classics and a la carte with its European twist.

Choices included lasagne, haddock, sweet and sour chicken, gammon and pork loin.

We were tempted to go with the roast duck (£14.95) and a steak and mushroom pie (£10.15).

The steak and mushroom pie was a big slice with shortcrust pastry on the top. The steak was rich and succulent and just melted in your mouth.

The dish was served with a huge portion of homemade chips, brocolli, carrots and new potatoes and couldn’t be fully consumed. In my opinion, homemade chips can make the difference between an average meal and a great dish.

The roast duck was served on a bed of apple mashed potato and orange sauce. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavours coming through and the presentation was great. The fruity combination really complemented the duck. It generally wouldn’t be something I would normally have but I was happy with my decision.

It was nice to see a creative dish and the portion was certianly more than I have paid for duck in the past, and for 
a lower price.

We managed to squeeze in a dessert each with a selection available at £4.95.

We decided to go for the chocolate fudge cake and the creme brulee which were presented well and were very tasty.

Overall we enjoyed our experience at Manor Court. The cosy and relaxed atmosphere makes you feel right at home and we would like to return to try some of the other pub classics.


Food 8

Menu choice 8

Service 7

Decor 7

Ambience 8