Many small businesses may struggle with paid leave bill

Small businesses will not be able afford extra payment.
Small businesses will not be able afford extra payment.

I have just read your heart-rending story about the young mum Wendy who is looking to pass through a bill for two weeks paid leave for grieving parents. I have just retired from a small family business which finally closed down after 130 years.

We had to pay each staff member four weeks paid holidays, nearly two weeks bank holidays, employers’ contribution National Insurance and also the recently introduced employers’ contribution Pension Scheme payments. Last year we also had to pay three months sick pay payments. Employers are also liable to paternity leave payments.

I suppose to oppose this extra payment would appear unsympathetic, but the truth is that in a diminishing high street mainly due to the internet, many small businesses, especially retail, will not be able to afford it and alternatives like more part time staff will have to be thought about.

Paul Bishop

Melrose Street