Marine Drive opens

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Yorkshire Water has confirmed that in the early hours of Wednesday morning Marine Drive was opened to two way traffic.

The road had been closed to southbound traffic since spring 2012 to enable Yorkshire Water to install a giant storm water storage tank under the carriageway.

The tank is part of the company’s ‘Coast to Boast About’ initiative and will minimise the chance of untreated water getting into the sea, helping to raise the quality of bathing water at Scarborough’s North and

South Bays.

Yorkshire Water project manager, Vicky Barras, said: “We’re pleased to announce that Marine Drive is fully open after many months of restrictions.

“We had to occupy one lane of the road in order to construct our new storage tank which is a critical part of our new storm water management system for the town.”

The company had wanted to open the road on Tuesday but a delay in tarmacing the road forced a further 24 hour wait.