Maritime centre is badly needed

Re the editorial comment in the Scarborough Evening News, Changing Econo-mics.

Does this not show how much a Scarborough maritime heritage centre is really needed in our town – we are the only town on the coast without something of its kind.

We are losing this history. As you say, with the loss of the shipbuilding industry and now the decline in the fishing industry, all this heritage will or may be lost if we do nothing to preserve it.

While there are still fishermen with skills and knowledge to pass on and numerous stories to tell, we need the help to save it and be able to educate our children about the first industry our town ever had.

The council put on Seafest every year to celebrate the history of our maritime heritage – this is it 9th year – how much longer will they be able to do this?

The town and the council got behind the Rotunda and one man’s history geology.

The maritime history of our town has nothing and nowhere to show it off and that was a lot of people and lives going way back in our history.

Lindy Rowley