Maritime Heritage Centre exhibition

THE Maritime Heritage Centre is staging an exhibition in conjunction with national science and engineering week, which ends on Sunday.

This year’s theme is communication and visitors will be able to try out their Morse-code skills at the centre, says membership secretary Mark Vesey.

“We have loads of other interesting science and engineering related information available such as why 10,000 ton ships float and how sails, propellers, compasses, sonar and echo sounders work”.

The week is coordinated by the British Science Association and started in 1994.

It is aimed at everyone, from children to adults, and aims to engage and inspire people with science and technology; to promote discussion and understanding of what science, engineering and technology can achieve; to promote knowledge about how scientists go about their work and reach their conclusions; and to promote science, engineering and technology as good career options.

Events are organised throughout the UK by a large and varied range of organisations and individuals including hospitals, schools, industry and museums.

The centre, at 36 Eastborough, is open 11am-4pm Wednesday to Sunday and admission is free.

Celebrating all aspects of Scarborough’s maritime heritage, it is run by a group which wants to retain the skills and knowledge of the fishing, boat-building and seafaring community, which are being lost.

Mark says: “We want to carefully store, restore and display all memorabilia and exhibits donated to the centre and to stage exhibitions and events that will involve all members of the community aged 5-90”.