Master of magic - Scarborough man on hit TV show

TX: Saturday 14th January 2012. Picture shows: David Hasselhoff & Latimer performing the forfeit.
TX: Saturday 14th January 2012. Picture shows: David Hasselhoff & Latimer performing the forfeit.

A SCARBOROUGH magician is the mastermind behind a number of death-defying forfeits featured on a hit BBC TV show.

Danny Hunt, 33, has designed six dangerous stunts for Saturday night show The Magicians, which range from swallowing fire to walking on Samurai swords.

He also appears on screen himself to guide each celebrity participant through the dangerous and nerve-wracking forfeits at the end of each show.

Danny, who performs in Scarborough and beyond with his partner Annette Claire as duo Amethyst, says he is loving being involved in the first live TV magic show in over 30 years.

He said: “It’s great, but if something goes wrong it could go wrong spectacularly! But, touch wood, it has all been OK so far.”

Danny said the most scary moment was when he had to help American legend David Hasselhoff walk up a staircase of Samurai swords before slicing a melon in half on his stomach.

He said: “Afterwards I thought ‘my goodness’. I was millimetres from halfing the Hoff!

“He called me over and said ‘The first time I met you I thought you were mad. I can now confirm you’re a psychopath!’”

Danny added that everyone has been a great sport and he is really enjoying working with the magicians, the celebrities and the whole crew.

He said another stand-out moment was when Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc had to lay on a bed of nails and have another placed on top of her.

Danny explained: “I watched as boxer David Hay ran across the top of it, with this tiny woman underneath.

“Mel was amazing - she did a great job.”

The dangers of the profession were brought home to Danny recently when he heard the news that one of his heroes, Paul Daniels, had lost part of his finger in an accident whilst making a prop.

Danny said: “I started out with a Paul Daniels magic set. There can’t be a magician in the UK that could say he wasn’t an influence on them.

“I was on the same bill as him a few years ago in Durham and he’s an amazing magician and a super nice chap.”

The Magicians is on BBC1 every Saturday night at 6.35pm until February 11. Danny and Annette will also be performing at the Spa Complex this Easter.