Matt Conner: Drill sticks perfect your swing

Matt Conner
Matt Conner

I would say the question I get asked a lot is how a golfer can turn a slice into a draw.

Hitting a draw is a more powerful shape of shot than a slice.

A draw will help you hit the ball further from off the tee.

Using a drill stick when you are practicing will help you correct your swing to help hit the draw shot.

Place the drill stick in the ground 10 yards in front of you. Make sure it is on the straight line from where your ball is to the target; this is called your ball to target line.

For a right-hand golfer the draw shot starts to the right of the target and then in flight curves left back to finish on the target.

So you aim to the right of the drill stick with your body.

Then aim the clubface just a little right of the drill stick.

Make sure it is less to the right of where your body is aiming; the most common mistake is to aim the club straight at the drill stick.

I don’t want to go too much into the science of the draw shot so just trust me and make sure it does aim slightly right of the drill stick.

Now this is where the drill stick helps the most as the set up will feel strange because the club looks really closed in the set-up. You need to trust the new setup and practice hitting shots so you will swing the club to the right of the drill stick.

If you have the correct set up you will see the ball start to the right of the drill stick and curve back towards the target.

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