Matt Conner: How to improve your swing

Matt Conner
Matt Conner

This week in one of my lessons I was asked by one of my students what they could do every day to help their golf.

Everyone can spare five minutes at home or at work (if you are lucky at lunchtime) focusing on four key skills to help you to produce a more consistent golf swing.

Using a club and not needing a ball, focus on these skills:

Good hold

Practise taking your hands on and off the club, ensuring that each time you repeat the action you are holding the club in the correct position.

This will help reinforce a good hold, making it feel second nature on the course.

The swing motion

Take your normal setup position and swing the club back. To ensure you have made a full body turn in the backswing, make sure that your left shoulder (right hand golfer) is touching your chin.

From this position, swing the body through making sure that your chest and belt buckle are pointing at the target.

Practising this movement will help with power and control when hitting the ball.

Weight Positions

In your stance the weight should be equal between the feet at a 50/50 spilt. Once you swing into the backswing the weight moves slightly onto the right foot (right hand golfer) to give a 65/35 spilt.

Now practise moving the weight forward on to the left foot 80/20 at the impact position with the imaginary ball. Finishing the follow through with a 90/10 weight spilt favouring the left foot.

Check the Posture

Make sure that your legs are slightly flexed and then bend from the hips keeping your back straight.

You want to feel like your arms hang nicely under your shoulders, finishing with your feet shoulder width apart.