Matt Conner: Pitching boot camp booster

Matt Conner
Matt Conner

On Monday evening I started my winter series of pitching boot camps.

These sessions focus on pitching only. They are designed to improve a golfer’s technique over the winter so they can play better golf in the summer.

During the first session I always focus on the clubface position as this is the biggest causes of mis-directed shots from a good strike.

I must admit that every year I deliver these pitching sessions I am amazed at how bad golfers are at aiming the clubface.

A poor clubface aim can lead to faults appearing in the swing in order to compensate and attempt to hit the ball straight.

Whenever you practise your pitching it is best to use a Magnetic Lie Tool.

This helps you align the clubface and takes into consideration the face tilt.

The face tilt affects the shot when you strike the ball as the sole of the head must be parallel to the ground. If it is, and if you have delivered the face square and your strike is good and another three factors are correct then the ball will fly straight.

On the other hand, if the toe of the club is higher than the heel you will tend to pull your shots.

If the heel is higher than the toe you will tend to push your shots - even when the leading edge is square to your target.

So even though you think the clubface is square it is not if the lie angle is not correct for your swing.

Bare this in mind when you practise your pitching to eliminate fault occurring in your swing due to compensations.