Matt finish-ed in university union role

Scarborough Campus Student Union Pres Matthew Brown 103131 news
Scarborough Campus Student Union Pres Matthew Brown 103131 news

A POPULAR face in Scarborough’s university campus has stood down from his role.

Matthew Brown, 26, has left his position as vice president of the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus union, after two years in the hotseat.

Mr Brown was an integral catalyst in propelling the union into the top four in the country and roused students to fight the Government’s increase in tuition fees.

Mr Brown, who has returned home to Cleethorpes for family and career reasons, said he had thoroughly enjoyed his time in Scarborough.

He said: “It has been an absolute pleasure and I have had a brilliant time in Scarborough.

“The people have been fantastic and Scarborough has become a second home for me, I love being by the seaside.

“I have also had an amazing relationship with the local community and we have achieved so much in the two years.”

During his tenure, the union achieved a national Gold Award in the Student Union Evaluation Initiative.

Mr Brown, who overcame dyslexia to gain a BA Hons degree in Business and Management and a Masters degree at the university, said he hoped his individual dedication and success could prove inspirational for students.

He said: “I hope that people can look at me and what I achieved, how I came from nothing, and see that they can do the same.

“All you have to do is put your mind to it.

“I left school without any GCSEs at grades A to C, but got a Masters.

“That just shows what you can do.”

Mr Brown has been replaced in the role by Chris Long, the university’s current Scarborough Sports Officer.

Mr Brown added: “I would really like to wish Chris all the best in his new position and thank my colleagues Gina Rayment, Wayne Cullen and Elaine Altuccini.

“They were fantastic to work alongside.”