Meet Scarborough's ghost writers ...

AN historic Scarborough building is haunted by the late family who owned it – according to its current occupants.

Sitwell House, now known as Woodend Creative Workspace, is apparently haunted by members of the literary Sitwell family.

A live ghost hunt was recently filmed in the building and there was plenty of spooky goings-on to report.

Andrew Clay, centre director of Woodend, said: "We have always though Woodend was haunted. They are all friendly ghosts. We have seen very strange things in the past and someone once took a picture of a face in the window. People have told us they have seen ghosts here before.

"So we decided to do a ghost hunt to see if we can confirm it."

The ghost hunt was streamed live on the internet and Mr Clay says the ghosthunters picked up plenty of messages.

He said: "We went round the building seeing if we could find anything and Angie, the lady who led the session, was picking up signals all the time. It was fascinating."

Mr Clay said a signal was picked up from Ida Sitwell, who was the wife of Sir George.

Edith Sitwell, who is one of the house's most famous occupants, is also known to haunt the building's library.

Mr Clay added: "We were told some are visiting ghosts while the others are permanent.

"We know the Sitwells were into spiritualism themselves and they used to hold many seances in the library.

There was definitely a lot going on during the ghost hunt and it was confirmed there are ghosts at Woodend.

"There were about 15 people at the ghost hunt and we know a lot of people watched it live on the internet.

"It was quite spooky at times especially when the lights were turned off and when we were in the library as it has been said before that Edith haunts the library.

"It was extremely interesting and we would definitely like to do it again."