Memorable day for sweethearts

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A COUPLE who started courting as teenagers have celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary together.

Ron and Doreen Kilburn met at a church youth group in Garforth when Ron was 17 and Doreen 16. After a romance which incorporated Ron fighting in the Second World War, they married in 1940, and have, in Mr Kilburns words, “been in love ever since”.

Mr Kilburn who is 91, believes there is only one secret to a successful marriage.

He said: Some couples these days don’t even last 71 days never mind 71 years. “The only real secret is to keep on loving each other.” The couple moved to Scarborough 26 years ago. For the past seven years Mrs Kilburn has been living at Queen Margarets Nursing Home.

He husband visits her at least six times a week at the home, and staff there are absolutely delighted for the couple.

Lesley Hirst, nurse manager at the home, said: “It’s really something special getting to spend 71 years together.

“They have asked us not to make a big fuss about it, but we are making one anyway because they truly deserve it.

“There’s lots of love for them from everyone here, and as a couple they are just perfect.”

Staff at the home provided decorations for the couple, and Mr Kilburn arranged for flowers to be sent to his wife for the special day. The couple also planned on enjoying a lunch together.

And although Mr Kilburn admitted that there relationship hasn’t been without a few small bumps along the way, he said that he “couldn’t wish for a better wife.”

“I’d be lying if I said that we had never had a disagreement, but I knew we would make up. We were just meant to be together.”