Memorial stolen from Scarborough Crematorium

Crematorium mushroom memorials showing all three memorials
Crematorium mushroom memorials showing all three memorials

Scarborough Borough Council is appealing information after a memorial was stolen from Scarborough Crematorium.

A memorial ornamental mushroom was stolen from the crematorium grounds in the early hours of Sunday August 19.

Remaining memorials after the theft

Remaining memorials after the theft

The distinctive memorial is the smallest of a cluster of three ornamental stone mushrooms that have been recently installed in the crematorium grounds.

A spokesperson from Scarborough Borough Council, said: "CCTV footage shows a car entering the neighbouring cemetery grounds at 2.02am on 19 August.

"The same car then enters the crematorium grounds a few minutes later at 2.07am and drives straight to the area where the ornamental mushroom memorials are located.

"One person gets out of the car, pulls the smallest memorial from the ground, puts it in the car and makes off in the car at 2.09am."

The memorials are inlaid with black quartz style circular discs on which memorial messages can be engraved.

As the memorials are relatively new editions to the crematorium, the one that was stolen had not yet had any personal dedications added to it.

The council want to raise awareness of the theft in the hope that the memorial can be recovered.

Cllr Bill Chatt, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Public Health and Housing, said: “The speed of the theft seems to suggest that this was a targeted crime, with the perpetrators knowing exactly what they wanted to take and where to locate it.

"We all know thefts of any kind are wrong but to take a memorial from the grounds of a crematorium is utterly despicable.

“We don’t know why the memorial was stolen, but maybe the fact that it didn’t yet have a personal dedication on it is significant.

"I appeal to the local community to keep an eye out for the distinctive memorial and report any suspected sightings to the police.”

Anyone with any information, including those that might have seen a car entering or leaving the crematorium grounds between 2.00am and 2.15am last Sunday morning, is urged to contact the North Yorkshire Police non-emergency number, 101, and quote incident number: NYP-20082018-0087.