Message in a bottle finds its way to Sweden from Scarborough

A message in a bottle thrown from Scarborough's South Bay has been found in Sweden.

Monday, 25th September 2017, 4:39 pm
Updated Monday, 25th September 2017, 4:42 pm
Robert Lindberg who contacted the senders of the message in a bottle after throwing it into the sea from Scarborough's east pier.

Laura Pearson. 28, visited Scarborough beach with her daughter Tia, 8, and friends and decided on a whim to send a bottle off into the sea with little expectation of it being found.

The Pickering resident said: “We had a bottle we were drinking from and one of us suggested throwing it into the sea with a message.

“The children got on board with the idea straight away so we used a bottle and a napkin from the car and wrote a message on it.”

The message from Scarborough that found its way to Sweden.

After throwing it from east pier on June 13, the group hadn’t heard any news for over two months and their hopes had faded.

That was until Robert Lindberg from Sweden got in touch with Laura’s friend Jacqueline to say he had the bottle in Hummerviken - located on the west side of Öckerö island on August 29.

The message was found by a beach cleaner who in turn handed the bottle to Robert, 44, a communications officer at Öckerö Municipality, to contact the sender.

The 44-year-old told The Scarborough News: “I was handed the bottle from a member of staff who clean the beaches.

The message from Scarborough that found its way to Sweden.

“We get a couple of bottles like this a year. I got in touch with Jacqueline and we agreed to put the bottle back to see where it will turn up.”

After some perseverance, Robert has now added another message into the bottle and thrown it back into the sea at Kråkudden on Hönö Island, on the Swedish west coast, to see how far it can get on September 12.

The message includes a link to a Facebook group so the next people to come across the bottle will be able to directly contact the group.

Laura said: “It’s great Robert has sent it on. We’re excited to see how far this bottle will go.

“We didn’t think anything of it initially but it’s amazing.

“It was a random thing to do but the reaction we’ve had is great.

“We couldn’t believe it when Robert got in touch with us.

“It has been crazy but really fun and the kids have really enjoyed the experience.”

Members of the public can track the progress of the message in a bottle through the Facebook group.

People can find the Facebook page by searching “Message in a Bottle” Scarborough or by clicking here.