Minecraft fans can look forward to big event in Scarborough

A Minecraft convention is on its way to Scarborough next month.

Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 2:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 2:35 pm
Scarborough Spa

Taking place at the Scarborough Spa on January 12 and 13, MineVention features everything from Minecraft tournaments, meet-and-greets with world-famous Minecraft players to panel discussions, costume contests and more.

Commenting on the event, Lisa O’Brien, Founder of MineVention, said: “We are really excited to bring MineVention to Scarborough for our first event of 2019.

“MineVention is an official Minecraft Community Event and has been operating since 2014.

“We will be bringing famous Minecraft Creators with us from the world of Youtube to meet with their fans and along with tournaments, costume cntest, build battles and stage entertainment and the chance for the fans of Minecraft to celebrate under one roof.”

Scarborough will be welcoming some of the most famous YouTube names from the community of Minecraft - AmyLee33, Tycer, SpeedyGaming and Flax.

Ms O’Brien said MineVention places “huge importance” on being an accessible event that is welcoming for children with autism.

“This is something that has been hugely important to us since we first started running Minecraft conventions five years ago,” she said.

“The game has lots of fans among children with autism, and we want to make sure our events are as welcoming and inclusive as possible.”

A ‘quiet’ room will be set up at the Scarborough Spa for the weekend of MineVention for children who need a quiet place to relax.

There is also a dedicated session that is autism-friendly on Sunday January 13, from 9am to 1pm.

“The support we’ve received from the Minecraft community and attendees has been overwhelming,” said Ms O’Brien.

“We attribute our success to being responsive and keeping it real.

“We’re a small company and we personally deal with all aspects of the event – from programming, marketing and ticketing to email enquiries and social media.”

Tickets for MineVention are on sale now from £15 - click here for more.