Minor League sides slam Boro’s recruitment policy

Cayton Under-11s, maroon and sky blue, have had to fold after a string of their players left to join Scarborough
Cayton Under-11s, maroon and sky blue, have had to fold after a string of their players left to join Scarborough

A string of Scarborough & District Minor League managers have hit out at Scarborough Athletic’s recruitment policy after losing players.

Several sides have been left on the brink of having to fold after a host of their players joined up with Boro heading into the new campaign.

One side who have had to fold are Seamer Under-11s, who lost up to eight players to Boro.

Manager Jamie Bradshaw said: “No local team built on the hard work of people giving up free time should have to produce teams of Under-Sevens through to Under-11s, just to have their best players take a sidewards step to another team because of their superior facilities.

“Athletic approached every single player in my team with a couple not wanting to join. At the moment they need to remember they’re not an academy and are just playing in Hull Youth League like any other Minor League team can.

“There should be a cap on the number of players that can be taken from each team age group to give players from all teams a chance”

Other clubs who have been hammered by Boro’s recruitment include Scalby and Cayton.

Scalby have lost four whole sides to Scarborough Athletic in recent years, and this year lost their full Under-15s and Under-10s sides.

A spokesperson for the club said: “There needs to be a manager with coaching badges appointed and then open trials held, rather than clubs like ours working hard developing teams and coaches just to have them taken from us.

“The managers leave with our blessing, but it’s impossible to get any continuity.”

Cayton Under-11s manager Craig Rainton has been left close to the brink of having to fold his side after five of his players left for Boro.

“We may have to fold this side, as we speak I don’t have enough players to put a team out this season,” said Rainton.

“The Scholes Park manager has gone to Boro and taken a lot of his players with him, but they had time to plan and get replacements in.

“We actually turned a couple away as we thought we were set for the season, now we are in a position where we may have to fold the team.

“It’s just so disappointing.”

Cayton are holding an open training session in a bid to attract some new players and field a team for the 2017/18 season.

This will be held on Saturday at Cayton Playing Fields between 2-3pm.

Contact Rainton on 07568543753 for more details.

Carson: We want to work with Minor League clubs

Scarborough Athletic’s head of youh development Nigel Carson has backed the club’s recruitment policy, insisting they want to work closely with the Minor League, rather than against it.

Carson said: “For six years we‘ve had junior teams, and we constantly have players and coaches coming to us wanting to get involved.

“The buzz about the club at the moment is great with us coming back to play at the new stadium.

“I went to two Minor League AGMs to try and get an Under-Sevens team in and was rejected.

“We want to work alongside the Minor League clubs to get kids playing football, and we go into a lot of schools to do just that.

“I’m gutted when teams lose players, but there are more players out there, clubs just have to work hard to get them.

“We are trying to be fair and not upset anyone.”

Carson insists that the club’s system will start to bear fruit when the younger players are old enough to be in contention for the first team.

“We’ve had 45 players go for trials at academies and 14 have gone on to sign, so hopefully these lads will eventually play for Scarborough Athletic.”