Misery for motorists set to continue

Congestion on Seamer Road.
Congestion on Seamer Road.

A major gas project which has seen Scarborough motorists blighted by road works for more than a year will continue until the end of the month.

Seamer Road has been at the centre of the £842,000 scheme to upgrade two ageing metal gas mains since October 2011.

The project was expected to finish at the end of March, however it is so far ahead, Northern Gas Networks is now carrying out extra work planned for later in the year.

Northern Gas Networks customer operations area manager Garry Farnhill said: “Although it may appear that our work on Seamer Road is talking longer than expected, in fact the opposite is true.

“We have exceeded all of our targets and deadlines for Seamer Road to such an extent that we have been requested by North Yorkshire Highways and Scarborough Borough Council to now carry out additional work planned for later in the year.

“The extra work we are doing now means that we don’t need to return to Seamer Road in October to carry out more planned work. This will avoid any further disruption to motorists, businesses and residents in the area.”

Northern Gas Networks has carried out the project in a bid to end disruptive gas escapes that have affected the area for years.

Mr Farnhill said: “We greatly appreciate the co-operation of everyone living or working in Seamer Road and the understanding they have shown during our essential works. We expect to have our work completed by the end of the month.”

However, some motorists are growing tired of the disruption on the congested road.

Chris Gray, of Valley Road, said: “Is there an end in sight to the ongoing gas repair works in Seamer Road?

“The signs say it was to end on the March 31 but it still goes on. They dig the same parts up every few days, relay the surface, then come along again with the cones and traffic lights and dig it all up again causing massive congestion, traffic queues, delays for everyone, time and money lost by businesses and pollution by vehicles standing waiting.

“Now Valley Road is going to get more lights and holes at the junction with Trinity Road only a few months after it was dug up.

“The junction of Valley Road and Seamer Road has been closed twice in a month for digging up, the second time after a week. And as for Seamer Road, the same spots weekly.”

In February 2012, Seamer Road was closed off and 24 homes had to be evacuated when a worker damaged a gas main.