Monitor the cutting contractors

RE: grass cutting services

We all know that with central government cuts there is obviously going to be a knock on effect on local council services provided.

The financial situation may mean that the grass cutting periods maybe extended and the grass not cut as often.

However the financial situation should mean that the quality of grass cutting reduces. The job should still be done correctly.

Yesterday the verges were cut in Scholes Park Road, and (I say that with tongue in cheek) the motorised mower was driven over the verges the blades lowered and the operative made the decision to either cut the grass crew cut style, mullet style or scalped in the middle and left high on the verge edge. A novice cutter!

Grass cuttings spread all over the pavement causing a slip hazard for the elderly residents.

Does a supervisor ever check on the work undertaken and if so to what standard?

Council tax payers are paying for a service that is not being provided at this moment in time.

If the grass cutting is down to contractors their work needs to be monitored, and if needed they must recut at their expense and not at the expense of the council tax payers.

Peter C Gehrke

Scholes Park Road