More use of park and ride is needed

The unexpected warm weather brought much needed extra trade to the town and seafront over the last weekend and has prompted me to pose a question, were the park and ride service car parks both full and are they providing value for money this year?

The reason I raise this question is because I attended a meeting of the Forum for Tourism last week and questions were raised about the impact of the single flow of traffic from South Bay to North Bay and parking along Marine Drive and Royal Albert Drive whilst Yorkshire Water works are underway and also what has happened to a suggestion made by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Andrew Backhouse to switch the traffic lights off after 7pm.

It was disappointing to note that the attendees at the meeting could not provide any answers to these points, most expressing the view that the town and seafront is only busy from 11am and becomes quieter after 3pm. It was also disappointing to note that only one councillor ever attends this monthly forum and made me wonder if those 50 who claimed in their electioneering pamphlets to be passionate about the town and its reliance on tourism are “truly” interested.

I personally am becoming very concerned about the large volumes of traffic coming down Ramshill Road, where the central road markings are becoming invisible and need urgent renewal, heading to the slow moving traffic in Foreshore Road backing up all day long at weekends and bank holidays. How the emergency services struggle through to the bottom of Eastborough and Sandside within response times amazes me at times.

Let’s hope the relevant county councillors feed this back to North Yorkshire County Council officers to address these issues and encourage more use of park and ride and a new site from the North Bay end to be prioritised.

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive