Mother Hubbard’s, Westborough: Netting a tasty treat at family restaurant

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Fish and chips has always been a popular meal in the Bloomfield household, so when I suggested a trip to Mother Hubbard’s Family Fish & Chips Restaurant it was met with roars of approval.

Having not been to the Westborough establishment for several years, it was a first outing for our two youngest daughters, who are aged two and five, but their elder sister soon pointed out the best options for them.

There is a wide-ranging menu, catering for all tastes at Mother Hubbard’s; as well as the obvious haddock, cod and plaice and chips options there are also omelettes, sandwiches and traditional favourites such as home-made steak and kidney pie, chicken breast and jumbo sausage.

There are also several starters on show. I plumped for the prawn cocktail (£4.50) and Mrs Bloomfield picked the deep fried mushrooms (£3.50).

My prawn cocktail was stacked full of juicy Atlantic peeled prawns,with a generous helping of salad, rosemarie sauce and a mountain of brown bread and butter, it was a delightful beginning to my dining experience.

The mushrooms were fresh, tasty and enveloped in a crispy batter akin to that which covers the fish main dishes, which made for a very tasty choice, with a serving of garlic mayonnaise and salad garnish.

As for the mains, we all plumped for fish dishes apart from the two-year-old, who chose the sausage and chips children’s meal for £3.95, 
accompanied by a small drink.

She also ordered a side 
order of beans, which cost £1 and swiftly demolished those and the sausage, although the chips proved too much for her as there was a sizeable amount on her plate.

Her older sister also ordered from the children’s menu, but she went for the haddock, also with a side of beans and a round of bread and butter (40p), and she loved the crisp, tasty batter and the succulent, flavoursome fish inside, again struggling to finish off all her chips but enjoying her meal nonetheless.

Unlike her younger siblings, the nine-year-older was aiming high and ordered from the grown-up menu, choosing the cod (£7.75) but none of us were prepared for the immense catch which landed on our table, and having sampled a forkful, this was a very wise choice as it was a lovely, chunky piece of meaty fish, so much so that she finished every scrap.

My wife went for the teatime special of small haddock, chips, bread and butter and a pot of tea (£6.50), while I decided upon the medium haddock and chips (£6.60), both of us adding a side order of mushy peas (£1).

The haddock was outstanding, a reminder of why so many rate Mother Hubbard’s as the one of the leading fish and chip restaurants in town, and made us wonder why it had taken us so long to return.

By the time I had battled my way through my meal I was so full I had no room for dessert, but my daughters decided to share a couple of slices ofhot chocolate fudge cake (£3.50), although unfortunately for them there was only one portion left, and it was rapidly devoured.

Standards have not dipped over the years, food-wise or in relation to the service, which was very good, especially considering we turned up late in the afternoon with the restaurant winding down for the day.

Rating out of ten: Food 7, menu choice 8, service 8, decor 7, ambience 7, overall 7