MP Robert Goodwill: 'Last night's vote was an attempt to steal Brexit from the British people'

MP Robert Goodwill.
MP Robert Goodwill.

The MP for Scarborough and Whitby said he’s “disappointed” by some MPs’ attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit.

On Tuesday night, Conservative MP Robert Goodwill voted against a motion allowing MPs to take control of parliamentary business.

However, a group of 328 MPs, including 21 Tory rebels, managed to do just that by defeating the government with a majority of 27.

Speaking on Wednesday, the day after the vote, Mr Goodwill said: “What happened last night was an attempt to steal Brexit from the British people who voted to come out of the EU.

“By removing the option of no deal they made the Prime Minister’s job almost impossible. It’s only by keeping no deal on the table that we can negotiate a deal with Brussels

and get them to compromise particularly around the issue of Northern Ireland.”

Although Mr Goodwill had previously voted three times in favour of Theresa May’s deal to avoid the consequences of a disorderly exit from the EU, the MP now believes Britain should leave the block on October 31 with or without a deal, adding that leave voters as well as his constituents want to “see us deliver on the referendum result”.

However, the MP also acknowledged that MPs are likely to succeed in passing legislation to delay Brexit, something Boris Johnson said would force him to call a general election that would take place before the Brexit deadline.