MP will be at clocks vote

Daylight Saving Bill - clocks'putting the clocks back / forward
Daylight Saving Bill - clocks'putting the clocks back / forward
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SCARBOROUGH’s MP Robert Goodwill is supporting an in-depth study into how moving the clocks forward by one hour all year round would affect the nation.

Mr Goodwill has confirmed he will be present in the House of Commons next Friday when voting takes place on the Daylight Saving Bill.

He has not disclosed exactly how he will vote, but said he “won’t do anything to stop it going through”.

Mr Goodwill explained: “We think that what may happen is that opponents will try to talk it out.

“The Government are supporting the bill, although it is a private member’s bill.”

The Lighter Later campaign is calling for a three-year trial of a new timekeeping model where Britain’s clocks are set to GMT+1 in winter and GMT+2 in summer.

Supporters believe that shifting the clocks forward by one hour for the whole year could boost business and leisure.

However those opposing it believe that darker mornings could lead to problems with road safety – especially for children going to school.

Mr Goodwill said if the bill passes next Friday’s vote, a detailed investigation will be carried out into the impact changing the clocks would have.

The enquiry will look at issues such as road safety, energy saving and the environment, tourism and the economy.

Mr Goodwill said: “Careful research needs to be done into things such as accident rates.

“I would imagine the investigation will take several months.”

He added that the vast majority of the representations that had come to him were in favour of lighter evenings.

Many readers have also contacted the Evening News about the issue, some for and some against.

Mr P Jackson, of Ayton Road, Seamer, said: “It would be a very good idea. If memory serves correct we had the same system during the 39-45 war.

“It didn’t seem to cause any problem. I don’t know why it was abandoned after the three-year test.”